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Ernie Ball Signal tap


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Når man har en Ernie Ball volumepedal på pedalbrettet, og kjører en jack inn og en jack ut, er det også mulighet for og koble til en Tuner. problemet med og koble til en tuner er at tuneren vil trekke mye av signalet slik at Outputen på Volumepedalen ikke vil sende ut 100% av signalet.

Jhs Pedals Har klart og fikse dette, ved og plassere en buffer i pedalen som gjør at signalet blir 100% båte i Output og i Tuner Out.

de skriver:

The Ernie Ball volume pedal is one of the most used pedals out there, but surprisingly it has BIG issues. We exposed this in ourVolume Pedal Woes (Active/No Loss Mod) article and have developed a mod that cures all the issues making this volume an awesome tool for more than just swells!

We install our Little Black Buffered Splitter to give you two truly isolated outputs for tuner and mono out. This eliminates ALL of the noise, tone loss, and removes the improper load on your signal. For those of you who want to use the tuner out function, this is a must have fix. The biggest benefit of this mod is that it makes your EB Volume active and buffered with our buffer circuitry. This will give you the best clean tone you may have ever had because it will drive your long path to your amp. The pedal in its stock condition is drastically hurting your tone (even when your not using the tuner out).

Because we install our active buffered circuitry, you will now need to power the unit. Use any standard 9v power supply and your good to go!

Noen Som vet hvordan de gjør dette ?

Koblingskjema av innmaten i pedalen.


Takk for svar på forhond

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