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Hvordan fungerer en humbucker?


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En kamerat driver med et skoleprosjekt, han lurte på pickups til elgitar fungerer. Jeg kunne ikke gi han et godt svar, så tenkte dette var stedet og spørre.. ;)

Så det han lurte på om noen her kunne jeg meg en kort innledning i hvordan en Humbucker fungerer og hvordan den er bygd opp.

Takk for svar på forhånd.

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In any magnetic pickup, a vibrating soft-magnetic guitar string induces an alternating current in its coil(s). However, magnetic coils also make excellent antennas and are therefore sensitive to electromagnetic interference caused by mains wiring (mains hum) and electrical appliances like transformers, motors, and computer screens. Guitar pickups pick up this noise, which can be quite audible, sounding like a constant hum or buzz.

A humbucker has two coils with opposing windings and polarities. The string motion induces current in both coils in the same direction, since the reverse winding and reversed phase of one coil create a signal in the same direction as the other coil. Electromagnetic interference, on the other hand, induces current in opposing directions in each coil because it is only sensitive to the winding direction, which is reversed for one coil. When the signals from both pickups are summed together, the noise is cancelled due to destructive interference, while the actual signal is increased due to constructive interference, thus dramatically improving the signal-to-noise ratio. This technique is called common-mode rejection by electrical engineers, and is also used in balanced lines in audio recording.

How Humbuckers work
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