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These days, it’s so much easier. While you can certainly use iTunes or a similar program to learn songs, I also recommend using a program designed for transcribing music, such as Transcribe! from Seventh String, The Amazing Slow Downer from Roni Music, or Capo from SuperMegaUltraGroovy Software. These programs allow you to load an audio file for playback, and will let you loop sections, slow down the tempo in various amounts without changing the pitch, and pan between the left and right channels. Transcribe also gives you the ability to change the key up or down (great if a song was recorded with guitars tuned down a half-step and you don’t want to do this), and to fine-tune the pitch of a song. It also has a graphic EQ, which can be helpful to accentuate the guitar frequencies and remove bass to make the guitar stand out. These are incredible tools, helping you really hone in on individual guitar parts.

I will usually make an iTunes playlist of all the songs I need to learn for a gig, and then use Transcribe to actually dig into each tune and learn it, slowing down solos or tough licks, looping sections, and panning L/R to hear different parts if necessary. Once I have all the material down, I close the software and simply play along to the songs in the iTunes playlist.

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