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Exeloume: RELEASEPARTY! + Vecordious // Fru Lundgreen // Fredag 13.mai

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Lager en reklametråd for denne. Kan være verdt å få med seg om man er glad i gammelskole metal:) Trondheim altså..

Exeloume slipper debutplata 'Fairytale of Perversion' 13. mai via det svenske selskapet ViciSolum Productions. På skiva har bandet bl.a jobbet med Rune Stavnesli, Andy LaRoque, Dan Swanö og Ed Repka.

EXELOUME: Founded by Tom 'Welhaven' Wahl (Anti-Depressive Delivery, Bethzaida, Atrox, Maelström), it took a few false starts to get the members of his choice. But in 2008 Alessandro Elide (Manifest, Griffin) joined together with Andrè Ulriksen and Dag Ole Huseby (bass) and they started rehearsing for their first recording.

Late 2008 they started the recording of what would become 'The Longest Shadow'. Tom contacted his good friend from the thrash-combo Imbalance, Harald Eilertsen, to help out with the vocals. Doing most of the recording hither and thither by themselves, the recording finally was completed in October 09. By that time John Wangberg (Griffin, Manifest) had replacedHuseby on bass. Autumn 2009 they found the final piece of the puzzle in Øystein Haltbakk (Pica Fierce) filling in the empty spot as a vocalist. Exeloume now holds a very strong line-up, almost a supergroup of veterans in the Norwegianmetal scene. Their first recording 'The longest Shadow' is four songs of crushing thrash metal that contains lyrical themes about terror, serial killers, war and religion. Only a month after their first demo, the second recording were released. Entitled 'Fairytale of Perversion', this was the first recording of today's line-up and featured three new songs. In July 2010 the band entered studio to start recording their first album, working with producer Rune Stavnesli (Keep of Kalessin, Bloodthorn a.o.). The album was mixed by Dan Swanö, and features a guest lead by guitarGOD Andy LaRoque (King Diamond) and also guest vocals by Dan Swanö himself. Artwork was taken care of by the legendary Ed Repka (Megadeth, Death, Atheist, Venom, Massacre, Evil Dead a.o.).



VECORDIOUS is a Blackish Metal band from Norway and was formed in 2009 by Roger Isaksen after his previous band, Olm, decided to pull the plug. After working succesfully with Raymond Hansen in Olm for many years he was the first choice as a second guitar player. They had shared musical visions in Olm and to continue their cooperation felt natural. Isaksen had also been in contact with Martin Lahlum from Death Metal band Metherra, and they soon concluded that the plans that were the basic idè behind Vecordious made Lahlum the perfect vocalist and bass player.

In lack of a good drummer they recorded the demo "Reminiscence" with programmed drums. This way they didn't need to wait forever to record their music and they hoped it would lure a good drummer in to the band.

Luckily the plan worked and Ole Nordsve, who had played drums with Lahlum and Hansen in Celebratum, became interested in the band. After a quick discussion they concluded that he would fit in great as the fourth and final member of Vecordious.

Now the band is rehearsing to do some live gigs in the fall/winter of 2010. Plans for the future is to record an album when the music and the money allows it.




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