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Ny 18watter på NAMM!


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There'll be 3 versions of this 18w head with different basic tonal characteristics and visual aesthetics.

1. A late-60's Marshall 18w kind of a thing with John's own twist. It will have the brown tolex with tan logo and gold panel.

2. A Blackface/Tweed kind of a thing with John's own flavorings. This one will have black tolex with white logo and white or black panel.

3. Something unlike either or in between with John's own voicing. This one will probably have cream tolex and we'll have to experiment more with the logo and the panel colors... Still brainstorming on this one!

Common characteristics:

EL-84 power tubes

Defeatable master volume with gain, treble, mid, bass, and presence or brilliance type of controls

Handwired (although a hybrid PCB/PTP design)

As of now, no loop, but I believe we can offer it as an option. John will have to chime in about that.

The new matching 1x12 cab (a little wider than the CAA 1x12) will have a removable half-back panel for either closed or open-back use. That's about it for now. Will have pricing and availability info at NAMM!

January, 2006

18 and 30 watt heads and combos (first Suhr branded amps)

Backplate SSC System (retrofit systems for non-Suhr guitars)

50 and 100 watt single-channel heads (maybe - more like first quarter of '06)

24.75" scale bolt-on (Limited Edition)

New full line of cabs with Suhr logo

By Mid-2006

24-fret Standard (including Greg Howe Sig Model)

Pro Series guitars (no-option set-spec production guitars - same quality but not custom)

Overdrive and distortion pedals

Second-half of 2006 or January 2007

24.75" scale set-neck single-cut

3~4 channel "monster" 100w head with MIDI option

New 4-channel preamp based on the 3+SE

50-watt 2-channel head and combos

5-string J-Bass

2007 and Beyond

Mo' pedals

Archtop hollow-body

MIDI preamp (all-analog signal path, no signal degradation whatsoever)

Dumble-style amp

Modeling amp (gasp!)

Flat-top acoustic

Modern bass

Bass amplifiers (solid-state and/or tube-based)

This is a general roadmap and some things could happen sooner (amps) than anticipated and some things could take longer (for example, the archtop jazz guitar or the "modern" bass or bass amps), but there's no doubt in my mind that John could create all of these things and do 'em all extremely well - as good as our current guitars and the OD-100 line of amps, certainly no less. And who knows what other ideas will pop up in John's head as time goes by? For certain, all these products will eventually make it to market for you guys to enjoy.

Ser ut til at jeg må spare en del penger fremover. De 2 kanals 50watterne er veldig interessante for min del :P

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Jeg skal ikke ha ny amp i nær fremtid, men det klør allikevel litt etter å prøve den ut.

2007 and Beyond


Modeling amp (gasp!)

Hvis Suhr kommer med modelleringsamp, burde den duge. Ikke fordi at han er den i businessen som kan mest om dette, men han gir vel neppe ut noe som ikke låter bra etter hans standard.

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