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NGD JEM EVO The holy grail


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  • JEM7RB - dot inlays, Root Beer, American Basswood body (production 1988,1989)
  • JEM7PBK - disappearing pyramid inlays, Pearl Black, American Basswood body (production 1989,1990)
  • JEM7VWH - vine inlay, White, Alder body (production 1993–present)
  • JEM7BSB - screw head inlays, Burnt Stained Blue, American Basswood body (production 1996 - 1998)
  • JEM7DBK - screw head inlays, Black with texture, American Basswood body (production 1999 - 2004)
  • JEM7VSBL - Blue vine inlay, Sparkle Blue, Alder body (production 2002 - 2004)
  • JEM7V7 - vine inlay, White, Alder body - Seven-string variant of the JEM7VWH - features DiMarzio Blaze II pickups and a Lo-Pro Edge 7 bridge

Complete list of JEM77 variants:

  • JEM77FP - vine inlay, Flower Pattern, American Basswood body (years of production 1988 - 2003)
  • JEM77BFP - vine inlay, maple fingerboard, Blue Flower Pattern, American Basswood body (production 1991 - 1994)
  • JEM77GMC - vine inlay, Green Multi Color, American Basswood body (production 1992 - 1993)
  • JEM77PMC - disappearing pyramid inlay, Purple Multi Color, American Basswood body (production 1992 - 1993)
  • JEM77BRMR - dot inlay, Black Rock Mirror, American Basswood body (production 2005 - 2006) , Ehsan Keramati uses this model
  • JEM77VBK - vine inlay, Black, American Basswood body (production 2007–2011)
  • JEM77FP2 - vine inlay, Flower Pattern 2, American Basswood body (2010 – present)

Complete list of JEM777 variants:

  • JEM777LNG - disappearing pyramid inlay, Loch Ness Green, American Basswood body, personalized signature (years of production 1987)
  • JEM777DY - disappearing pyramid inlay, Desert Sun Yellow, American Basswood body ( years of production 1987 - 1996)
  • JEM777SK - disappearing pyramid inlay, Shocking Pink, American Basswood body ( years of production 1987 - 1989)
  • JEM777VBK - vine inlay, Black, American Basswood body (years of production 1988 - 1992)
  • JEM777VDY - vine inlay, Desert Sun Yellow, American Basswood body ( years of production 1989 - 1991)
  • JEM777VSK - vine inlay, Shocking Pink, American Basswood body ( year of production 1989)

JEM Anniversary[edit]

There are four sub-models of the JEM Anniversary.


The model was created for JEM's tenth anniversary in 1997, although production started in 1996. "This sub-model of Anniversary JEM includes numbered letter of authenticity hand-signed by Steve Vai. The aluminum pickguard has an engraved vine and its JEM10 serial number. JEM10s designated for the USA have a silver tweed JEM case with outside plaque and inner silk screened protective shroud. Later numbered JEM10s going to the USA have their JEM10 plaque screwed onto the case, instead of riveted/glued on."[5] There are 852 JEM10 guitars around the globe (210 of them are in the United States), and each guitar has its own serial number. #1 is at Hoshino USA, #2 is at Roland (Roland/Meinl) in Germany. #3, #5, #7, and #9 went for sale in the US and JEM10 #16 was given away by Steve during G3.


HAM stands for Hoshino Anniversary Model, which was made for the 90th Anniversary of Hoshino. The specifications are similar to the JEM10 model, as both use the same type of wood, pickups, hardware and tremolos. There were exactly 72 guitars brought by Ibanez to the US of the 831 available worldwide.


The most notable aspect is the color, as Vai added his DNA (blood) to the mixture of the paint. The painter of the guitar, Darren Michaels/Darren Johansen of ATD (About Time Designs), stated on Jemsite.com, "For the record if you own a DNA you have a good amount of the "DNA". The "blood red" paint that I mixed was mixed at a ratio of approximately 8:1 [paint:blood] so the content is quite high. There had to be pigment mixed into the paint to hold it onto the guitar as well as a carrier. If you purchase a canvas you get a picture of myself and someone mixing [the blood] in to the color. Also a picture of the room we did the guitars in too. The canvases also have the same content as I mixed all the DNA left into the paint when I left Japan and brought the paint back with me . I hope this clears things up for you"[5] The guitars were made in the year 2000, represented in the model series, JEM2KDNA (2000). Around the world, there are exactly 300 guitars.


In 2007 Ibanez announced the 20th Anniversary JEM guitar. This guitar is made of acrylic with multicolour paint streaks running through it. When the tone control is pulled up a set of green LEDs light up within the body

Disse er på listen min. Har ikke tatt med 555 505 og Premium/re-issues


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Det var vel lettere å samle for 15 år siden, før alle re-issues og ditt og datt kom på markedet, det gjør det til en formidabel jobb å holde oversikten.
Hva med prototyper? Håpløst, er det Vai som har disse kanskje?

Og hva med de andre gitarene? Hva går du etter når det gjelder Ibanez generelt?

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11 hours ago, stensen said:

Ja der er velcro på bakplata.



Ok, da nærmer den seg autentisk :-) 

Hvilke andre merkbare endringer er det ift opprinnelig produksjonsmodell (altså, hvilke klare endringer har Vai/Nordegg utført på EVO i forhold til den serieproduserte versjonen)? 

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