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Experienced professional keyboard player available.


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English ( Lived in Frogner, Oslo for 25 years) keyboard player available.

i have been a professional musician for thirty years. I have played live with Edwin Starr, Martha Reeves and The Vandellas, Junior Walker, Gene Chandler, and Ronnie Wood. I have appeared on several albums including two No. 1's (U.K.)

I currently play a Technics electric piano, Technics Organ ( sounds like Hammond CB3) and an Akai MinAk synthesizer . Have all amps, etc.

Oslo area only please, and working bands only please, I am a professional.

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    • Støtter BB Pro.  Akkurat dette med dårlig merking av pickups er en uting. Jeg har handlet en god del BKP det siste året, og de er definitivt verst på dette (absolutt ingen merking..). 
    • Siden de er merket med Alnico V, vil jeg si at det er BB Pro.
    • Pent brukt akkurat passe liten/stor og akkurat passe mye lyd til små øvinger / gigs. Liten, lett og allsidig !  Liten ‘rift i Tolexen’. Og billig ! 1900,-  Tranby.  
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