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Verdens minste gitar !!


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hehehe sjekk denne

It really does exist!

Oct. 28, 2003 / 10 p.m. ET

Smallest guitar strummed at last: What does a 10-micron-long guitar sound like? Physics News Update reports that the Cornell nano-guitar, first built in 1997, has been played for the first time.

Each silicon “string” of the nano-guitar is roughly 100 atoms wide, so you can’t exactly use a pick. Instead, a Cornell University research team used laser light to set the strings in motion, setting off a 40-megahertz twang. That’s 17 octaves higher than a normal guitar’s sound — put another way, a factor of 130,000 higher.

“There is no practical microphone available for picking up the guitar sounds, but the reflected laser light could be computer-processed to provide an equivalent acoustic trace at a much lower frequency,” Physics News Update says. “The laser light could excite more than one string, creating megahertz ‘chords.’”

The full story is to be told next week at the annual symposium of the American Vacuum Society, better known as the AVS.

If the nano-guitar’s first notes are ridiculously high, a black hole’s tones are even more ridiculously lower, coming in at more than 50 octaves below middle C. At least that’s what Chandra researchers said last month.


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