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    • Av Joakim Karlsbakk
      Dette er en gammel sang som aldri ble helt ferdi, for lydfilene ble slettet når harddisken døde.. 
      Så der er mye "rusk" i denne sangen. Veldi få har hørt den før, så jeg er veldi nysgjerrig på Hva folk synst om den
      They never said The Dying tried, 
      to break the circle we abide. 
      we're not allowed to look around, 
      to see we are growing down.
      We've all been taught that this is right, 
      and that there's nothing there to fight, 
      but climb the mountain high and far! 
      that kind of freedom is who we are! 
      For all the Freedom left on earth, 
      Was stolen from us on our birth.
      So who are you, and who am I? 
      wingless Birds will never fly.
      Without our feathers we must stay. 
      until they grow, we must obey.
      They break our hold, and fold our hands.
      "From the dust, in God we trust." 
      Survival of the fattest! 
      They Grant us happiness they claim. 
      technology it's not the same. 
      I want to see what's left unseen, 
      not from a TV screen.
      We are who they want us to be.
      It's like there never was a "me". 
      if we explore what the spirit holds, 
      they call us criminals.
      So now we're prisoners down here. 
      the walls will never disappear. 
      it's why we drink. it's why we fight. 
      we're only ants without our rights. 
      in only dreams are spirits free, 
      my own romantic fantasy, 
      'cause I have seen, and I have felt. b
      eyond the dust, the soul I trust.
    • Av Joakim Karlsbakk
      i ett lite heimestudio med kysten, sitte der en mann me gitar, bass, tromme, mikrofon, mixebord å ei datamaskin, å laga musikk heilt åleine.
      ej spela alle instrument, skrive å synge sjøl.
      ka dokke syns?
    • Av Rya
      After 4 years together our drummer has decided it’s time to move on so we are looking for someone new. Rya are an original a 3-piece band playing a mixture of alternative rock, garage, and pop, with a little bit of ska thrown in. We are (now) two guys with 20+ years playing experience and are looking for a drummer who is committed, likes to have fun playing, and can play once, sometimes twice a week.
      Check out the Soundcloud link below to hear what we sound and if you think this could be your kind of thing drop us a message. 
    • Av Kike Pino Martinez
      Hei alle sammen!
      I am Kike, a Spaniard in his 30s living permanently in Bergen. I am a bass player/singer and would like to join a rock/punk/metal band in Bergen area or form one from scratch. I have been playing for about 20 years in various bands in Spain and UK, ranging from rock or HC-punk to thrash, death and black metal (always at amateur level). My preference at the moment is to play old school metal/punk, or some raw rock and roll in the vein of Motorhead (Rickenbacker till death! ). But I am also open to other options!
      I leave here my last band in Spain, 80s metal/punk, if someone wanna know the kind of stuff I was into.
      Drop me a line if you are interested! Cheers!
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