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NBD - Blade B-1 Tetra Standard

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Kjøpte meg en Blade B1 på finn.no og fikk den i går. Her er det eg skreiv på talkbass om den :) Unnskyld at eg ikkje gidder å oversette..... :)


Got the Blade B1 Tetra Standard today. Pulled her out of the case and plugged her in and thought "Awwwww, poor baby!!!"

She's been neglected!!! Dead strings, horrible setup, uneven distance to the pickups, and overall an extremely high action. So I pulled out my toolbox and a fresh set og strings, DR HiBeams 40-100.

When taking the strings off, I went over the bass. It's extremely well built. The fit and finish is outstanding. I had to see what it looked like without the pickguard and wasn't disappointed! It's a proper finish all the way, and a true pickup routing. This can just as well be played without the pickguard. This particular bass has a couple minor dings, but nothing that goes through the finish.

The neck is very slim and the frets are even and nicely finished. No fret sprouts here! And the neck seemed very promising for low action!

Strung her up and tuned her up and she was already sounding much fresher. Lowered the action, and this baby can take loooooow action without buzzing anywhere! I lowered the pickups too, and this beauty came alive for sure! Really nice and true vintage jazz bass vibe!

The electronics are nice too. There is a master volume and balance, and a classic tone knob. However, the tone knob is a mid boost when you pull out out, and it can be tweaked by a mini pot on the backside of the bass. It was way to aggressive, so I dialed it back a little, and it's quite useful. For when you need to slap of solo. Awesome little feature.

Another useful feature on this bass is the truss rod adjustment which is pretty ingenuous. There is little cover at the end of the fingerboard, and when you remove it you get a truss rod nut that resembles the music man design. You can adjust it with anything that will fit inside the hole :-)

For what i paid, This has got to be the highest value for money I've ever gotten. Ok, so I got an awesome deal on it (for endre i live, anyhow), but still...

I bought her as a beater bass, one that could du the job when my custom Clement basses can't be risked, but I'm not sure I can use this lady for that.... :-D

Really happy with this beautiful gem :-D


Har lagt ved to bilder, et med og et uten plekterbrett. Hva synes dere?! Skal jeg ta det av for den Jaco-looken?! :D



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