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Ny Black Metal tekst - "Wings Wither"

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Wings Wither

Dreams of the past
Left behind
By time
Everlasting time

Chaos preserved it
And destroyed everything in its way
Destruction, the start of a new era
My wings are born, but soon they will wither away
My strenght replenished, but taken away
By a force of nature

Wings Wither
A dark december night
Torn off by time
Worn off by will
Wings Wither

Crumble into dust
Of the abyss we once called life

Into the abyss

Skal legge ved link til sangen, men han som har miksa den har ikke fått tid til å laste den opp enda,
så får se i morgen.

Uansett, vil veldig gjerne ha litt feedback.
Og forhåpentligvis er dette en forbedring fra hva jeg la ut for over et år siden!

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