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Bassist søkes i Oslo området (hard rock , psychedelic eller andre)

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Hi there,

My name is Jose, I´m from Barcelona and have been living in Drammen for about 1.5 yrs (my Norsk is not good enough yet). I´ve been playing the guitar for some years (about 8 years in intermitent periods) . From 3 months ago to now I´ve been having rehearsals with Fred, a french drummer with some experience as well.

We are going to set a band for a modern & crunchy kind of psychedelic rock, but we are starting with the project and are open to other influences.Up to now we have a song, rhythms for a second one and an intro for a concert. Our aim is to record 3 or 4 songs and go straight to play live as a warm up band in concerts around Oslo area.

Here it is something we recorded as an improv part:


So, we look mainly for a bass player, enjoying this (or similar) style , with energy to have one rehearsal per week (3 hrs for the time being at Øvingshotellet, Oslo) and willing to jump on stage as soon as we have the songs ready to go. No restrictions on age or genre.

Contact me through this forum or write directly to : caballero.josemanuel@gmail.com.

Keep in touch and rock out,


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