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Gluke's Guitar of the week!


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Den "slitasjen" så veldig naturlig ut.....

These aren't relic finishes, although with the sand down to the primer look, its easy to confuse them.

The guitars are brand new, and have no 'wear' per se. No chips, checking, dings, neck wear, rust, dirt etc...

The finish effect isn't to simulate player wear of any kind, its more like if you were a hot rodder, and decided you were going to refinish your fiesta red strat, so you started buffing it out, taking out the chips dings and bondo, getting all smoothed for the new paint, and then you said, "F%$^ it, I like it the way it is"

Thats this guitar. It has one message. "F%^&*( it"

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.Skjønner ikke helt poenget med den nedslipa enden..

Bacon, som beskrevet over. Det er seff helt frivillig. Dette er custom så man får det man vil ha. Jeg liker sånt så for meg er det bare er pluss, men jeg skulle slitt litt med bare en pickup ass...

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