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Irish guy in Akershus. Looking for crew.

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Irish guy, 30s --> I play guitar and sing.

I have a small studio out near Løken as well.

Looking for a bit of bass and drums,maybe another guitar... raw and simple. 3/4 man hard rock.

I have lots of songs - very melody driven rock.. typical feckin Irish ;-)

I'll be very glad to hear your stuff as well.

When I'm alone in studio I tend to send the shit overboard with electronica (www.stabbingpixies.com) , but I'm guessing my newer tracks would work well as hard rock with the right crew.

Anyone up for a jam?

Gender irrelevant. (Girl on bass is the holy grail but oh well).

Talent kinda important but secondary to goodwill & enthusiasm.

Only rule: All sessions shall end well (By the way I brew me own beer - which nearly guarantees they do :-)

Jeg snakker også Norsk men... er det virkelig nødvendig?

Mail me - even if you just want a facebook friend/like for your band. There's no such thing as an uninteresting musician.


References / Older stuff:


stabbing pixies

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Well, being scottish (well, part scottish at least), I'm responding to this topic with an implied truce, hehe.

My stoner/thrash/rock band Pigeon Lake (think Pantera, Black Stone Cherry, Alter Bridge, KoRn, System of a Down, Stonegard), is considering adding a member.

Currently we consist of a drummer, a bassist and guitarist/vocalist (being me) - and perhaps you?

I don't know how you feel about age differences and such, as our members are 20, 21 and 23 years old, but personally I see music and bandlife as ageless.


This is a demo recording we've done of our first song. The lyrics are not to be taken seriously, but I'm guessing you already got that through the title.

Due to different reasons, we're still in the ditch rehersal wise. Though, our plan is to get going pretty god damn soon.

Pigeon Lake is conveniently based on the basic principles of alcohol, headbanging and loads of fun.

What do you think? :)

Answer here, on my facebook (Christopher Schackt) or with a personal message.

Cheers! :)

Endret av Christopher S
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Just curious. Are you looking for crew-members or band-members?

Audun: In this sense they're the same thing... Sorry if that's unclear:

Crew like the pirate ship. Arrgh.

That is: A crew to jam with, that might lead to a band scenario..

If I was a rapper I would probably have said "Posse". I'm not that cool - "crew" is my limit really. Arrgh.

I guess I was trying to get across that it doesn't need to take an established format straight away: just a group of ppl hangin' and playin' and chillin' is all thats needed - but of course i have ambitions in the band direction.

To wit:

A new band.


Someone else's band.


People to join my band.


A group, pre-existing, to play with.


Ppl to jam with..


A posse


A crew.

Audun: Thanks for the brain twister :-)

Chris: Love yer stuff but its probably a little too energetic for me; Can't see myself doing it, but I'm a fan!



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Audun: In this sense they're the same thing... Sorry if that's unclear:

A crew.

Audun: Thanks for the brain twister :-)

Chris: Love yer stuff but its probably a little too energetic for me; Can't see myself doing it, but I'm a fan!



;) Just suspected you were looking for people to carry your gear around! :lol: (If many had signed up, I could have taken a couple off your back.... :D )

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Hi - you probably don't remember me, but we met briefly one time when a guy called Michael Bloch tried to pull together a cover/event band. It was not "for me", so I backed out straight away, and I believe you did the same......

However - I really liked your voice, and as we now need a new vocalist (that also handles the guitar) for my "original" event/cover band (Stereovibe - www.stereovibe.no - old site, though...) it would be cool if we could have a chat (if you are interested). We reherse in Skarnes, where our drummer lives - and we have a fixed rehersal room where the equipment can stand permanently (if needed). Amitions right now is to get the band "up and running" again, and to do aobut one live job a month...... If this is at all interesting, just contact me either on mail: roger.wollan@yahoo.com or phone; 40555368. If you want to check out some of the other things I do apart from this, you can just check my myspace site; www.myspace.com/rogerwollan.

OK Mike, just contact me if this is in any way interesting:-)!!



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Hey Roger :-)

Yeah those were fun times.. It was my first time dabbling with covers - and to be honest I got a bit more than I expected when I saw the set list. Woulda been a great workout for the falsetto and disco feet.. but oh well :-)

Ill give you a call.. Im not so sure about going back to covers... but we'll see what we can get up to :-)



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Hi there!

Me and my lady is always looking for new projects. And if thers homebrewed beer involved, its an opportunity we cant refuse!

She's a bassplayer and im a guitarist. She's been playing for about a year or so and is a really quick learner.

We've been preforming alot with my band VulvaniaX, and she never miss a beat!

I've been playing for 'bout 10-12 Years now so I know my way around a fretboard.

Dont know,of course, if You allready have Your crew yet, but we are ready to rock & roll!

Even if You only need some help to drink your ale!

Hook us up on facebook if You want.

Lee Keen & Viv are the usernames to look for.

And dont forget to check our band out as well.


Snakker norsk, vi også btw & aged 25ish.


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Hey there, I'm going to start my my university studies in Oslo, August 2012, if you'd like someone to play metal, hardrock, djent, poprock(realy anything). I'll be around!

I'm thinking about buying a custom mayones 7 or 8-string aswell for the little extra! :D

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