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Studios Hiring? Or help maybe?

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Hey everyone,

I am a recording engineer from the US, but live in Oslo now. Does anyone know any studios that are looking for assistants, interns, or are hiring?

Does anyone have any good resources, or people to contact possibly? I have worked with ProTools for 3 years, went to school for audio engineering, and do some freelance work.

I REALLY appreciate any help/contacts anyone could give me. Its quite difficult finding information about this in Norwegian (since I don't speak Norwegian very well yet)

Thank you!


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Norway is maybe not the place in the world with the most studio engineer jobs, but you can always drop your resume off at different studios..

I would reckon getting a job as a pro tools operator or engineer would be far easier in the US, but since you're already here you probably thought of that before you decided to come over here..

I would also try to get jobs at places like post production houses and stuff like that as well.. But you probably want to work with music right?

I don't really know anyone in the business in Oslo yet since I have a couple of years left of my Audio engineering education and don't need to start the long and tiring process of getting hired just yet..

Check out these places (if you haven't already) and good luck! :)

If they aren't hiring maybe they know of other studios that are.. The professional studio "scene" is quite small in Norway, so I would guess that most of the guys in the business know each other.







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