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Mike Keneally ang. Trading og opptak fra konserter !


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Official MK Taping Policy

Hi! This is Mike, and this is a newly revised (January 2002) version of the taping policy. I am grateful that so many people are excited by this music and want to share it with others. Thanks all!

Mike Keneally's Guidelines for Tapers and Traders


It is MK's policy to treat his fans with the respect they deserve (because they have such bloody good taste in music) and to encourage them to record and trade his live music. This includes both audio and video, distributed via a variety of old-tech and hi-tech means.


MK encourages the practice of prominently including, on each Keneally-related doodad produced, a notice reading "This is not an official MK/BFD product."


MK asks that if you become involved in the unofficial MK music recording/trading world, please purchase all available official Keneally music as well, when you get the chance.


MK insists that no one profit financially from the unofficial distribution of his music.


Online trading of MK music is OK, whether it be individual tracks or whole shows. Go ahead.


MK wants a copy of everything; please send a copy of each tape/video/CD/whatever you produce to Mike Keneally, PO Box 927605, San Diego, CA, 92192-7605.


If things get out of hand, MK reserves the right to change his mind about everything.

OK, as you were. Thanks for reading.


Mike Keneally

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Spilt med Zappa

Spilt med Steve Vai

Vai sier han er verdens nest beste gitarist :D


sjekk også ut www.mktrading.org masse Keneally til nedlasting !!

Mike Keneally Band

Mike Keneally - gitar/piano/vokal

Bryan Beller - bass/vokal (også spilt med Vai)

Nick D'Virgilio - trommer (spocks beard)

Rick Musallam - gitar

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Versjonen hans av Salamanders in the Sun på piano er bare helt RÅTT fin !! vanvittig god kar .. Vai kaller han ikke bare verdens nest beste gitarist , men også et musikalsk geni... .. så der har du den..


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