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Straight trough box (3x jack)

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Skriver dette på engelsk da jeg har sendt mail til analogman vedr dette.. Men kanskje noen av dere har noen tips til bokser jeg kan bruke??


I don’t know what to call this but I guess you can tell me in a second.

I’m building a new pedalboard with the following :


Korg Pitchblack Tuner

Keeley Compressor 4knob

Mad Professor Little Green Wonder

Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive

Suhr Shiba Drive

Freakshow Brown Rabbit

Suhr Koko Boost

->Amp (Suhr Badger 18W Combo)


Boss CE-5 Chorus

T-Rex Replica Delay

TC Electronics Nova Reverb


SO .. I need a box with 3 jacks in each end (running straight trough) (one going from the last pedal in the chain – So I can connect directly to the amp input) (1 for the send and 1 for the return) .. To mount on my board. So that I quickly can connect my board to my amp, without having to hook directly up to the “first” and “last” pedals..

I can connect my guitar directly to the tuner, so that’s no problem.. But you see where I am going with this? .. It’s probably been done 10000 million times before .. I just don’t know what it’s called, and what to look for.

I guess this is kinda what I’m looking for : http://www.analogman.com/switchbox/tinybox6jax.jpg only without the switch, and I want the jacks in each end not in an angled position .. I guess?

You probably have the perfect solution for this, so I’m not gonna bother writing any more 

Thanks a bunch in advance!!

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