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Dean DOA V Bass - Review !


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OK folks .... Dave fra Dean forumet har fått prototypen hjem :shock:

Dave hadde hovedansvaret for Bassen med sterke meninger fra Bob(instigator) og meg selv.

Her kommer bilder og Review av bassen ..... STEIKE JEG GLEDER MEG !!

Aight... here we go. First' date=' the drooltastic pics...


A close up of the top... man is this gorgeous... for a Korean bass, Mick and Elliot outdid themselves, and kudos to the people that manufactured this... I'm not sure if this top can be rated AAA, but it sure looks that way to me. The flame on this baby is incredible!!! It's very deep, and matched superbly.


Here's a little closer shot of the top... I just can't get over the fact that this bass is an import... looks like you could reach right in and grab a handful...


Here's a look at the 5 ply binding on the body... sooo sweet!


A full body shot of V bass goodness.


Here's Dean's autograph... on one honkin BFH. Outside measurements on the HS are 5 1/2" (outside of point to outside of point).


Here's the real bonifides... If this bass could have a pedigree, this would be it.


The DOA 2004 12th fret marker.


Here's a shot of the back... I tried to get in close so you could see the graining on the back... a lovely piece of Mahogany... but, alas, you can see it better from a wider shot... it just looks RED in the closeups...

Alrighty then... on to the review...

Right out of the box and case there is only one word I can describe this bass with... STUNNING. I had the pleasure of my Mother-In-Law being the witness of my first look at it... her first words were along the lines of... "Oh my... you helped design this? It's beautiful." I've slowly been breaking my wife's family into this whole Dean love affair of mine... I think they are finally starting to realize that we have a company here that CARES about the end user.

Overall feeling of the bass... Judges, Please?

USA 10


GBR 10

ROK 10

FRANCE 2.75 ( yeah.... they tried to throw it for the Japaneese... but the French judge was wrestled to the ground and had the TAR beaten out of him for 3 seconds before he surrendered... :lol: :twisted: :wink: )

Myself... on a 1-10, I'd rate it a 17... here's why...

Balance: We had discussions at DOA this year about strap button placement and balance issues... but all we had on hand was a guitar strap... not nealy long enough or wide enough to correctly distribute the weight and length of the bass. With my strap on it now, it still seems to be a tiny bit neck heavy, but not traumaticlly by any means. I wear my basses slung low... so I can use my legs and knees to counter the neck weight... people who play cinched way up might be hanging on for dear life...

Weight: this is a stout instrument... I haven't had it on a scale, but it outweighs the Caddy bass by quite a bit... but the length helps balance it out. Overall, a nice medium to light heavyweight bass. Lots of body and mass to help with resonation... the string through body adds to this aspect as well.

Tone: Now, while the beauty of this instrument speaks for itself, this is the real meat and potatoes of the bass. All it needs is a side of Momma's home made gravy, and you have a meal that will satisfy any hungry bass player. In short... it's a tone monster. From deep, bone snapping, punchy lows... to warm, brilliant, snappy mids and highs... the boys from Clearwater deserve a pat on the back (and a six pack 8) ) for the electronics in this one... 3 bands of EQ in the preamp allow for almost infinate adjustability. The soapbar pups are very nice as well... I dunno what they are, or who makes them... my guess is EMG... but they are a very good choice. You can get several diffeent tones from simple EQ adjustments. From metal to funk to slap... it does it all. Splitting the pups with the toggle is a much better option than the blend knob on the Caddy. My opinion is this... while the Caddy is a VERY nice instrument, the V is exponetially better in the tone dept.

Looks: I posted the pics... you judge for yourself. Very nice burst pattern, 5 ply binding, single ply bound neck, neck inlays, soapbar pups, BFH, chrome tuning machines , knobs, and input jack plate... these combine a look that kicks us back to the 80's and the heyday of these basses... very retro looking, but at the same time, adding just enough to make it modern as well. The back and sides are a very rich red, and accentuate the gold and bright red of the top. I'm so in awe of the looks, and quality of this bass... you could almost swear it was USA made if you didn't know better.

Overall, I just can't say enough about this bass. I can't believe that we get actual input to help make these become a reality. Call Fender, Gibson, PRS, or any other guitar company you care to.... see if the Owner, founder, or lead luthier will take your call... go ahead... I'll wait... still on hold?... still trying to get over being laughed at by the operator for your request?... not so for this outfit. Top notch in all departments in my book... from the always freindly receptionists, to the service dept, right on up the line to Elliot, Mick, and Dean himself... if the person I wish to speak to is in and not busy, they'll take the call.

A lot of my friends, and musicians I know just don't understand my devotion to Dean Guitars... I've tried to explain, but I just don't think it sinks in... so I tell them... buy one and see for yourself... because..."you ain't seen nothin' yet!"

Thanks to all the folks who had input, patience, and enough vision and forward thinking to help make this a reality... Bob (Instigator), Bernt (Markus), Dim3 (Phille), Switched, Bad Karma, CliffBurton86, Diz, Chuck, Elliot, Mick, Dave @ B&T (especially the last three for taking all my phone calls, putting up with my questions, requests, whining, pleading, rants, and all the other pains I put you through... you guys are the best!! :wink: ) and everyone else who had an opinion, gripe, rant, or otherwise creative input. When we work together, there is NOTHING that can stop us.


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