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Tenkte at dette kanskje burde være en egen tråd..

Har noen en oversikt over hvilke skalaer man kan spille over hvilke progresjoner?

ta for. eks i c dur:

C dur: bla bla bla

Dmoll: bla bla bla

osv osv.. dere skjønner tegninga..

på forhånd takk!

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Mener du hvilke skalaer som passer over hvilke akkorder, eller hvilke som passer i hvilke tonearter? Det ene går litt innpå modalsubstitusjon, eventuelt pitch axis theory, mens det andre simpelthen er kirketonearter (modes).

Forklar nærmere, så kanskje jeg kan hjelpe.

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OK ....

Fikk tilsendt en liten Genistrek av en god kompis i Finland !

Ville Tikkala ...... og selvfølgelig Dean entusiast hehe.....

C Ionian         C D E F G A B C

D Dorian           D E F G A B C D

E Phrygian           E F G A B C D E

F Lydian             F G A B C D E F

G Mixolydian             G A B C D E F G

A Aeolian                  A B C D E F G A

B Locrian                    B C D E F G A B

Ionian = Major Scale

Aeolian = Moll Scale

Now these two have a connection!

Take any Major scale! Lets say E Major

What is the Sixth note in it? Yes, its C#...

Well, that means that E Majors pararell scale is C Moll

And that works with all Major scales

Take any major scale, and check out the 6th tone in it,

and start a moll scale from that tone!

That Would be E1

(1 means Ionian, ionian again means Major) = C#6    

D1=B6   C1=A6   F1=D6   G1=E6   A1=F#6  B1= G#6

(6 Means Aeolian, Aeolian stands for MOLL scale)  

6 = Moll

1 = Major

Author: Stefan Mattbäck

Contributor to the madness and a crazyass Finish dude and Buddy

Ville Tikkala

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C'mon maniac ..... post away .... all you want ..... we're hungry like HELL !!

BTW, what do you think about that "Gitarnorge" logo of ours hehehe....... done by "integrum" here on the board ..... to please me :D .... and hopefully others....

sorry .... alittle off topic....

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