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Looking for a band in bergen


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I am looking for a band of any kind of music style though i prefer indie and up to muse kind of rock but no special preference I just like all kinds of music.

Just moved here to Norway I speak the language but dont write it that good yet.

I am a 24 year old art graduate.

And I have been playing instruments for almost 10 years now but i am very divided in what preference i have to what instrument. I have played guitar, bass, sang a little bit and drummed in a few bands. Just depends on what the band needs. I would say that I am most able as a guitarplayer or a drummer. Played for a year in artie indie techno rock band as a drummer. But have been playing in all kind of rock and metal bands as a guitar player going from black metal to southern hill billy big truck rock. I am very creative and I really consider all music and pitch all kind of ideas towards composing in band practices. Very efficent in that sense. I have turned dying band around with alot of fresh input. But I also know when to shut up hehe.

If your interested.

Email me at


I am open for any kind of music genre though I am prefering light rock bands. But hell i would go for some country even.

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