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ADA er tilbake


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Noen som husker ADA preampene? Husker jeg satt og koste meg med en av de første MP-1 og en PRS på den lokale gitarsjappa for leeenge siden. Hadde ikke råd til noen av dem på den tiden. Og etter det har ADA preampene mer eller mindre fått legende status. I likhet med mange andre legender - så ser det nå ut til at de reiser seg fra graven.

En av medlemmene på et annet ADA Depot skrev denne e-posten:

Hi there,

I'm a member at the ADA Depot and there has been discussion after discussion about whether ADA will be back or not.

May I ask what your actions are and how exactly you're going to revive this company from it's 80's/90's grave? Do you own the rights? Will ADA products be put back into production and manufactured as modern day units/amps? Are you a member at the ADA Depot forum? Or... who are you? Former employee of ADA?

This is almost too hard to believe.

Looking forward to your reply and thankyou in advance.


Og fikk følgende svar:

Hello Paul,

We’re in the storming and forming phase and usually send out a canned response, but your questions are intriguing and deserve an answer.

David Tarnowski, head engineer and inventor of all things A/DA, continues to be majority owner of A/DA and chief engineer of the new A/DA. He still owns all rights to the A/DA electronic designs and trademark. A group of us have convinced him that the time is right to come out of retirement and resurrect the A/DA legacy. We’re starting with stomp boxes, most notably the Flanger and Final Phase, which will be re-released in late 2008/2009. We’ll continue soon thereafter with other legacy effects such as Battman and the Seamoon line, as well as the Rocket Amp series. We’re currently working with suppliers to source original parts so that these releases can be as “original” as possible – we’ve gone over the designs and have decided that the original designs were best. We’re in the early stages, but are confident that we’ll have a full line of products to present at NAMM 2009.

Of particular interest to the ADAForum board would be our introduction of the all new MP3. Still on the drawing board, the digital potential is enormous and we’re still hashing out potential functionality prior to full design. As you well know, the fight starts trying to decide what goes into a future MPx and doesn’t stop until the prototype has been demo’d and agreed upon by all. As of now, there is no release date for the MP3.

We appreciate your interest and would ask that you help pass the word that the original A/DA is back!!

Cheers – the A/DA staff

Skal bli spennende å følge med på.

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