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Her er noen bilder og lydklipp fra ampen:

http://www.miaudio.com/Samples/Rev/C1M1.mp3 (http://www.miaudio.com/Samples/Rev/C1M1.mp3) - Channel 1, Low Gain: This is my favourite clean. It's very rich and 3D sounding.

http://www.miaudio.com/Samples/Rev/C2M1.mp3 (http://www.miaudio.com/Samples/Rev/C2M1.mp3) - Channel 2, Low Gain: This is a more forward sounding clean, with a bit more bite to it.

http://www.miaudio.com/Samples/Rev/C3M1.mp3 (http://www.miaudio.com/Samples/Rev/C3M1.mp3) - Channel 2, Low Gain: This is the thinnest clean sound on the amp, and is great for funk. It's also good to use when you have the power amp cooking for a tight crunch sound.

http://www.miaudio.com/Samples/Rev/C4M1.mp3 (http://www.miaudio.com/Samples/Rev/C4M1.mp3) - Channel 4, Low Gain: This is the darkest clean, great for Jazz. We rolled off the tone on the guitar very slighly (about 7/10), to try to tame some of that Strat snap.

http://www.miaudio.com/Samples/Rev/C1M2.mp3 (http://www.miaudio.com/Samples/Rev/C1M2.mp3) - Channel 1, Mid Gain: You can hear how responsive this mode is. With low output pickups and light picking, it sounds like a fatter clean. But dig in, and it growls nicely

http://www.miaudio.com/Samples/Rev/C2M2.mp3 (http://www.miaudio.com/Samples/Rev/C2M2.mp3) - Channel 2, Mid Gain: Great classic crunch sound. I kep this one a little bit loose (as you can hear on the palm muting), in order to keep this channel sounding a bit more 'vintage'

http://www.miaudio.com/Samples/Rev/C3M2.mp3 (http://www.miaudio.com/Samples/Rev/C3M2.mp3) - Channel 3, Mid Gain: Very articulate crunch sound. The neck single coil sounds very rich and retains its character, while the bridge humbucker, it sounds really bitey (especially in real life)

I forgot to record a sample for Channel 4's Mid Gain http://www.guitargear.net.au/discussion/Sm...default/doh.gif

http://www.miaudio.com/Samples/Rev/C1M3.mp3 (http://www.miaudio.com/Samples/Rev/C1M3.mp3) - Channel 1, High Gain: This is my favourite channel for blues lead. I love the way that the high strings and notes, really snap, while the lower notes get mushy.

http://www.miaudio.com/Samples/Rev/C1M3b.mp3 (http://www.miaudio.com/Samples/Rev/C1M3b.mp3) - Channel 1, High Gain: This is another example of Channel 1's high gain sound. This time, instead of leaving the gain at 12 O'clock, we cranked it, to really push this channel. The low end is huge and all over the place (in a cool way!). This is due to the position of the tone stack (at the front of the preamp).

http://www.miaudio.com/Samples/Rev/C1M3c.mp3 (http://www.miaudio.com/Samples/Rev/C1M3c.mp3) - Channel 1, High Gain: As above, but instead of leaving the EQ flat, we turned up the mids and highs to 75%, and the bass down to 25% to really tighted up the low end. We also increased the depth to 50% to compensate for the drop in the bass.

http://www.miaudio.com/Samples/Rev/C2M3.mp3 (http://www.miaudio.com/Samples/Rev/C2M3.mp3) - Channel 2, High Gain: Not as 'vintage' sounding as the Mid gain mode of Channel 2, but you can still hear that it has a certain momentum to it.

http://www.miaudio.com/Samples/Rev/C3M3.mp3 (http://www.miaudio.com/Samples/Rev/C3M3.mp3) - Channel 3, High Gain: My favourite high gain sound. VERY tight and articulate. The Mids are really out there, which some may find confronting, but which I love.

http://www.miaudio.com/Samples/Rev/C4M3.mp3 (http://www.miaudio.com/Samples/Rev/C4M3.mp3) - Channel 4, High Gain: This sample was recorded by Dave, and I spliced a few pieces together. Unfortunately, there was other stuff which was really cool, but the A/D input of recorder saturated! For the first two sections, Dave was using a P series Crossley Chambered guitar (handmade in Australia www.crossleyguitars.com (http://www.crossleyguitars.com/)), and for the last section, he used a BC Rich 7 string. I think Dave has the bass up about 70%, mids down a bit (about 30%??), and the highs at 50%. As you can hear Channel 4's high gain mode is huge, and the polar opposite of Channel 3's Mid heavy high gain sound.


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