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Pace Bass !!


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Dette er hva sjefs luthier Mick sier :

Hi guys,

This bass is actually patterned after a bass that I built for myself about 12 years ago. My original and this one are 34" scale but I'm going to change the production models to 35" for better string tension and to keep it simple if I decide to do a 5-string. The only pickup is the piezo bridge. That, combined with the sheer mass of the bass, gives this bass a really unique sound that's neither upright nor fretless. Someone looking for a new sound that's all their own will probably really enjoy this one. You can use your normal bass rig for this. I've used everything from an Ampeg Portaflex to my new Epifani rig with mine and gotten great results.

Hope this helps,


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Artig synes jeg. Har sett Sting spille på noe liknende en gang... i Police dagene tror jeg det var.

Spilte litt kontrabass med skolekorpset for mange herrens år siden... veldig vanskelig. Denne her har ihverfall båndene merket av på siden av halsen.

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hehehe....... må ha det .......bare må ha det !!

Et annet sted på nettet' date=' har de definert noe som kalles "GAS", her nøye beskrevet av deres moderator:

[i']What is G:A:S?

Gear Acquisition Syndrome (G:A:S) is a common disease found particularly among, but not limited to, guitar players. A loose definition of G:A:S would be the obsessive and irrational horse trading or purchasing of musical related equipment.

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