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Sjå her alle Floyd-fans!


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"Roger Waters has decided to rejoin David Gilmour, Richard Wright and Nick

Mason and reform Pink Floyd.

They are currently mixing a new album in a secret studio in the english

countryside. The album will be called BACK TO EARTH".


1) The Inevitable Soundscape Opening Track

(Gilmour, Waters, Wright, Mason )

2) How We Won The Legal Battle Against That Bassist

( Gilmour, Wright, Mason)

3) No, You Didn't !


4) Yes, We Did !

(Instrumental) ( Gilmour, Wright, Mason)

5) The "What I Did For The Last Thirteen Years" Suite:


a) Part 1: Sailing In Greece

B) Part 2: Lazying

c) Part 3: Sailing Again Reprise

6) Instrumental (AKA The Best Lyrics I've Ever Written)

(Gilmour, Mason)

7) The Return Of The Grand Vizier

(Played by "The Nick Mason And His Mechanics Quartet")

8) How I Was Fired By Roger

(Piano by Wright, shouts in the background by Waters)

9) See-Saw-Seen ( A Song For Foreign Students)

(Wright, Mason, and their grammar teacher)

10) The Return Of The Pie With No Crust


11) The "There Were 15 Minutes Left On The Album And We Had To Fill Them"


(Waters, Gilmour, Wright, Mason )

12) Gloomy Ballad About Maggie


(guitar, piano and drums played by his unemployed uncle)

13) A Song Of Mine


In this song, Gilmour was helped by :

Polly Samson,

Joe Carin,

Guy Pratt,

India Waters,

His unemployed cousin,

His lawnmower,

his hairdresser,

his dog (Seamus III)


EMI included 7 different bonus versions of "Confortably Numb" to make more



"How I was Fired By Roger" will be released as a single.

"The Return Of The Pie With No Crust" will be the B side.

(H) ;)

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