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  1. Thanks to both of you for your help. I already went with a new Yamaha F370. I've read that it's a great guitar for 2100 kroner. Really liking it so far and I'm sure it will serve me well!
  2. I played an acoustic guitar for a few months before, so I'm not worried about finger pain. I researched a bit for good beginner guitars and I really like these: https://evenstadmusikk.no/fender/1133082/fender-cd-60-dread-v3-ds-natural-walnut-fingerboard https://www.gitarhuset.no/yamaha-f370-tobacco-brown-sunburst Any thoughts?
  3. Thanks a lot for your response and advice! I don't really insist on buying a telecaster, it was just an idea since I like the sound of it. I'm not even sure if I should go with electric guitar or pick an acoustic. I don't mind buying a used guitar and I'm really open to hearing all suggestions for what I should buy, so please feel free to suggest a few good guitars or finn.no ads for used guitars in this price range. I found these ones (I'm aware most of these are acoustic, I don't know anything about electric and which I should look for): https://www.finn.no/bap/forsale/ad.html?finnkode=218877958 https://www.finn.no/bap/forsale/ad.html?finnkode=219131082 https://www.finn.no/bap/forsale/ad.html?finnkode=219417909 https://www.finn.no/bap/forsale/ad.html?finnkode=217688376
  4. Hi, I'm new to this forum and in Norway (Oslo), so I'm writing in English and hoping this is not breaking any rules. I don't have much experience with guitars, but I've researched a bit and I would like to buy a Telecaster. My price range is around 2500-3000 kroner max and I would also like to include the amplifier in this price. Since I'm new here, I don't know which shops are the best price wise and which shops ship from Norway so I don't have to pay import customs cost. I've found evenstadmusikk.no, gitarhuset.no and gear4music.no. Are all of these safe options and do they ship from Norway? I really like this guitar https://evenstadmusikk.no/squier/1037158/squier-affinity-telecaster-maple-fretboard-butterscotch-blonde and I'm considering it as my first choice. I would really appreciate if you could give me your opinions on the guitar, some suggestions on the amplifier and provide more information about the shops. Thank you in advance! P.S. please feel free to respond in Norwegian. I'm using translate so it's no problem.
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