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  1. This is from the manual of my Scarlett Solo: "Set the INST switch ON (‘INST’ illuminates red) if you are connecting a musical instrument, e.g., a guitar in the example, using an ordinary 2-pole (TS) guitar jack. Set the INST switch to OFF if you are connecting a line level source such as a keyboard, synthesiser or the balanced output of an external audio mixer via a 3-pole (TRS) jack. Note the jack socket accepts both TRS and TS types of jack plug." Any idea what would be best for the Kemper then? Takk!
  2. The point of me asking about the cable in the first place was to get the best sound out of my Kemper for recordings. While many stated they used guitar cables, I was also told that this was completely wrong. Now I'm a little worried about not getting the best out of my recordings. I also don't quite understand if I should press instrument "on" or "off" on my scarlett solo if I use a guitar cable. Stereo would be nice but isn't really necessary at this point. The XLR-XLR option doesn't really work because it seems that the XLR on the scarlett is microphone only. Sounds horrible
  3. Hei! I have the focusrite scarlett solo. So far I used a guitar cable from the Kemper master output into the instrument input on the scarlett. That way I unfortunately only got mono, but that's ok. Now someone replied on a different forum: "you should be using a TRS cable to connect to your interface. The instrument setting is if you are plugging the guitar directly into the interface. So the correct way is... a 1/4" TRS (NOT a common TS guitar) OR a XLR cable, "instrument" setting off if you are using the 1/4" input." So apparently I wasn't supposed to use a guitar cable. But w
  4. Hello everyone! Sorry for writing in English but I just moved here and still have to learn the language. I own a Kemper and so far I've used a guitar cable from the output into my scarlett USB interface. Now someone on the Kemper forum told me it's the wrong cable. What I need is a TRS cable. I guess I'd want a cable with two jacks for the left and right output of the Kemper and on the other side one jack to go into the interface. I'd like to order this in Norway but if I type in TRS cable I get completely different cables. Can anyone help me? And where should I order it? T
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