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  1. Meant http://www.facebook.com/SilverSpoonOslo for the Facebook page - it's the easiest way to reach me
  2. Hi! Apologies for late answer but for some reason I didn't get a notification of your reply. Hopefully you will have one for mine here. If so, drop me a message at http://www.silver-spoon.org/contact/ or on facebook at http://www.silver-spoon.org/contact/ and we take it from there! Cheers!
  3. Hi haze, the thing with acoustic guitars is that it's not about the model but about that specific specimen sounds. Of course one should choose the shape he likes best (tough to play a super jumbo on the sofa :)) but two guitar of the same model and brand can sound quite different. Beyond the sound, there's the playing feel - mainly scale length (which impacts the string tension) and fretboard size. There's no right or wrong - it's just what you are used to and what works with your anatomy. So you really have to go out and try them. 🙂 Of course as a beginner you most likely don't have any particular feel for what works for you or not (and a lot of it, it's just habit that comes in time), and perhaps your feel for the sound can also be a little immature - but a little trying in shops will still give an idea of what's around, and it's fun! Thanks to CNC manufacturing, most modern guitars in the price range you mention are alright when it comes to quality (meaning they stay in tune, the neck is straight and the intonation is good), so I wouldn't focus on brand so much - rather go out and try as many guitars as you can. Focus on how you like the sound and how comfortable it is to play for you. Sound is about balance (are the basses way louder than the high strings, or viceversa), harmonics (you get the base note sound but how much chime and reverb), response (how fast the soundboard responds to your commands?) etc. If after shop-testing a few times they still seem all the same and you still have no clue, the old and honored tradition of guitar beginners is to go for the one which looks the coolest 😄 As a last note, keep in mind an onboard preamp is a significant part of the cost of a guitar so if you don't plan to use it amplified, you get much better quality for your money if you buy a guitar without preamp (it's always possible to mount an amplification system afterwards). All experiences are different, but my $.10 is that Fenders are quite alright - I havent tried many but the ones I did were useable. Yamaha, the same - competent instruments. Ibanez, I often find the run of the mill guitars a little thin - but some vintage instruments I've tried were exceptional. Taylors, there's who swear for them but I have never found one I really liked (with the except of a small G model I don't remember then name of).. Gibsons have their sound (which I love) but they're out your price range usually. So are Martins (which I love as well), but the recent Sigmas I've tried are really something, there's usually a few at Vintage Guitar in Oslo and gotta say I've been really impressed by them. If I were in the market for a replacement to my Martins, I'd definitely look at Sigma. Best of luck!
  4. On that note, I hope somone takes the risk. Otherwise I'll have to try BASSnorge
  5. Hei all, our bass player unfortunately is working in the US for long periods of times, so - with his consent - we're looking for a melodic-inclined bass player to take his shoes. The name of the band is Silver Spoon and we play melodic rock - from acoustic to hard rock. Think Simon&Garfunkel meet Dire Straits meet Led Zep meet Deep Purple meet Pink Floyd. Check out some of our productions on YT at http://www.youtube.com/silverspoon0001 or Spotify at https://tinyurl.com/silverspoonoslo Rehearsal once per week in central Oslo. Age, nationality, skin color, gender or what type of pizza you like are totally irrelevant, what matters is that a) you love playing, b) you are reliable b) you like our type of music. Don't be shy and hit us up at band@silver-spoon.org if you find this interesting. Cheers all
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