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  1. Hi, Band looks for a local where to rehearse regularly (1 or 2 times / week) in Oslo / Sandvika, We are open to share the local (and some stuff) with another band. Please, write to hypnozodiak@yahoo.com or pm me . Thanks
  2. Hi .My band (Hypnozodiak) is looking for a rehearsal local around Oslo, Sandvika, Akershus area . No issues if we have to share with another band.We have our own stuff (drum kit, amps/cabinets/mics) but might share part of it. We rehearse once/ twice per week on different days, but we might set fixed days if that helps. So, if you, or anyone related is interested in sharing costs, please write at hypnozodiak@yahoo.com or call +4748084693. Thanks
  3. Hei, Hypnozodiak looks for a bass player. We play hard psychedelic rock. (listen some work in progress stuff here: https://soundcloud.com/hypnozodiak. We are guitar + drums and would like to close the band as an instrumental trio, with a high load on improvisation. Please, contact us at hypnozodiak@yahoo.com or caballero.josemauel@gmail.com if you are interested. Jose
  4. Hi again: Hypnozodiak will team up with Sin 5 in a gig at Cafe Fiasco , Oslo the 22nd of November. And we still look for a bass player, so , please contact me if you are interested. Here is some stuff recorded at a rehearsal: https://soundcloud.com/hypnozodiak Jose
  5. Hei there, Would you consider to play the bass? Iḿ 33 , guitar player, and together with a drummer have been rehearsing for 6 months. We have 5 songs , and just need a bass player to practice them better and play live in some months. Would you like to try? Our influences are in the stoner psychodelic direction: Graveyard, Earthless, The Machine, Samsara Blues Experiment... Listen to some of our stuff: https://soundcloud.com/hypnozodiak Have a nice day, Jose
  6. Hi, Please find a sample of some songs we recorded. Write to caballero.josemanuel@gmail.com or PM me if you are interested: https://soundcloud.com/hypnozodiak Jose
  7. Hi, Hypnozodiak looks for a bass player or an instrumentalist able to emulate a bass by using keybs/synths or something else. We are quite open to that respect. The music is crunchy psychedelic stoner rock and we write our own stuff. The project is in its initial phase , and we would like to be an instrumental trio ("bass", drums, guitar). Musical references: Earthless, The machine, Samsara Blues Experiment, Reverend Bizarre… Contact me if you are interested (I can send you via P.M a sample of what we play) Regards, Jose
  8. Hi there, My name is Jose, I´m from Barcelona and have been living in Drammen for about 1.5 yrs (my Norsk is not good enough yet). I´ve been playing the guitar for some years (about 8 years in intermitent periods) . From 3 months ago to now I´ve been having rehearsals with Fred, a french drummer with some experience as well. We are going to set a band for a modern & crunchy kind of psychedelic rock, but we are starting with the project and are open to other influences.Up to now we have a song, rhythms for a second one and an intro for a concert. Our aim is to record 3 or 4 songs and go straight to play live as a warm up band in concerts around Oslo area. Here it is something we recorded as an improv part: https://www.myairbridge.com/#!/download/file/7IB18QN9A1CJILAVZA5C-LRB6B/sheldrake_test_rehearsal_hendrix.mp3 So, we look mainly for a bass player, enjoying this (or similar) style , with energy to have one rehearsal per week (3 hrs for the time being at Øvingshotellet, Oslo) and willing to jump on stage as soon as we have the songs ready to go. No restrictions on age or genre. Contact me through this forum or write directly to : caballero.josemanuel@gmail.com. Keep in touch and rock out, Jose
  9. Hi JAH, Let's go for it then, is someone else joining?
  10. Hi Klaus, What a pity that we are so far each other! As you can see , I'm new in Norway (don't speak Norsk yet, but trying!). If I had a driving license and a car I could get by your place...but. And for you to come is useless: I don't even have an amplifier here in Drammen (only my Gibson and my computer, which I use with Guitar Rig 4)... Oh...By the way , what kind of blues do you like? Jose
  11. Hi, I guess this is the right place to look for people to play around with... My name is Jose, and I am a spanish engineer landed in Norway 5 months ago. I'm living in Drammen with my girlfriend, my little jack russel terrier, and my Gibson ES-137. My main hobby is to play blues guitar. I just started a couple of years ago and had been developing more and more interest about that. Now I'm looking for some people to meet, have fun playing (doesn't matter the instrument: bass, guitar, voice, harp,...) once or twice per week. It would be better if you are newbye or average player, just to keep motivation! My main influences are the classics of blues (J.L Hooker, Muddy Waters, Elmore James) but I'm also a big fan of ZZ Top. So, if you would like to share a good time bluesing, just PM message me or write to : caballero.josemanuel@gmail.com Have a nice day! Jose.
  12. Hi guys! I started with blues guitar one year ago and I really like this.Also, I'm a spanish guy, new in Norway (I live in Drammen) and it would be really great if I could meet any of you , play a little, and who knows, mabe setting up a band! Please , contact me or leave your contact data at caballero.josemanuel@gmail.com Rock out! Jose
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