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  1. Hi, I sent you a mail a while back, maybe it landed in you spam box???
  2. We have found the 2nd guitarist, so we just need a drummer or bassist, keys and vocals
  3. Rhythm guitarist and bassist/drummer looking for members to complete line-up. Looking for drummer or bassist, 2nd guitarist and poss keyboards and vocalist.Influences - Animals as leaders, Tesseract, Between the buried and me, Mastodon, Tool, Coheed and cambria, The mars volta, Opeth and Scale the summit.We are located in Stavanger!!!!Contact Stephen at andtheechofalls@yahoo.co.uk
  4. Hi, i'm a rhythm guitarist/vocalist with a bassist and rhythm guitarist/keyboardist and we dig the same bands. We also have our own rehearsal place which we share with 1 other band, where we have our gear permanently set up. We are looking for a lead guitarist and drummer, so maybe we could get together and form 1 band???
  5. Rhythm guitarist available, clean vocals, 6 and 7 string guitars, song writer and lyricist. Can play various styles, but mostly rock/metal preferably in a progressive way. Influences from Opeth, Mastodon and Between the Buried and Me, thru Animals as Leaders and Russian Circles to Coheed and Cambria, Tool and At the Drive In. Can also play some lead Guitar.
  6. My Band's looking for a keyboard/piano/synth player, and it would be great having female backing vocals. We're on the heavier side of rock and the lighter side of metal. Is this something for you???
  7. Hi, my band's looking for a new 2nd Guitarist, which is a blend of rock and metal. It would be great having someone else to share vocal duties as well If you're interested you can call me on 90747809. i do speak and understand Norwegian, but iI find it easier to write in English.
  8. oh shit i think i just scared everyone off with my English...... Men.... Eg Kan snakke Norsk nå eg vill.......
  9. Band consisting of 2 guitarists, bassist and drummer seeks new keyboardist to complete lineup. Influences, Tool/A Perfect Circle, Coheed & Cambria, Biffy Clyro, The Mars Volta/At the Drive In, Mastodon and Opeth to name a few... Backing Vocals a Plus
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