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  1. Hey Roger :-) Yeah those were fun times.. It was my first time dabbling with covers - and to be honest I got a bit more than I expected when I saw the set list. Woulda been a great workout for the falsetto and disco feet.. but oh well :-) Ill give you a call.. Im not so sure about going back to covers... but we'll see what we can get up to :-) Cheers, m.
  2. http://www.hark.com/clips/qphjlydrxn-wheres-your-crew I say lads: It seems we have a collaborative concept already... Anyone want to build on the theme? Pretty good sample for a live gig.. "Wheres my F*cking crew?"
  3. Audun: In this sense they're the same thing... Sorry if that's unclear: Crew like the pirate ship. Arrgh. That is: A crew to jam with, that might lead to a band scenario.. If I was a rapper I would probably have said "Posse". I'm not that cool - "crew" is my limit really. Arrgh. I guess I was trying to get across that it doesn't need to take an established format straight away: just a group of ppl hangin' and playin' and chillin' is all thats needed - but of course i have ambitions in the band direction. To wit: A new band. or Someone else's band. or People to join my band. or A group, pre-ex
  4. Greetings. Irish guy, 30s --> I play guitar and sing. I have a small studio out near Løken as well. Looking for a bit of bass and drums,maybe another guitar... raw and simple. 3/4 man hard rock. I have lots of songs - very melody driven rock.. typical feckin Irish ;-) I'll be very glad to hear your stuff as well. When I'm alone in studio I tend to send the shit overboard with electronica (www.stabbingpixies.com) , but I'm guessing my newer tracks would work well as hard rock with the right crew. Anyone up for a jam? Gender irrelevant. (Girl on bass is the holy grail but oh well). Talent kin
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